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  Italian Doom Community Episode 1

This is a 7 levels wad realized by me, Ismaele and BuzzBomber. It features a lot of Zdoom effects and restless action. I have made 3 levels for this project: "Cargo Starship" (map 02), "Tech Temple" (map 05) and "Doom Museum" (secret level). I have collaborated in the realization of the last level too.

You can download it HERE: 

 The story:

Demons on Hell have nearly been defeated: there are just some interdimensional pockets of resistance. The Terrestrial Government decides to send a Cargo StarShip towards a far colony, that we lost contact with since the monsters' invasion. Unfortunately monster suddenly attack the Space Center and the Cargo Spaceship at the same time! Now you need to clear out the Space Center ("UAC Rocket Base"), the Spacecraft ("Cargo StarShip") and pilot the latter to the colony, where you find an invaded UAC facility: monsters came out from the bowels of the planet and attacked the base from inside! You need to cover the monster's route in the opposite direction, to find another infested UAC base ("Tech Temple"), where marines were making awful experiments of interdimensional trips and whence the monster started their attack, exploiting the big central gate! Then you use it too,
in order to stop the invasion from the other dimension, but the alien outpost you reach is possessed by hellish deities ("Infernal Deities"), who want to stop your journey. After defeating last guardians, you get the MegaSphere, whose mysterious powers lead you to the last rampart of monsters!

 The levels:




Map 01 UAC Rocket Base Ismaele
Map 02 Cargo StarShip Toranaga
Map 03 They reign again Buzzbomer
Map 04 Dictorobitary Buzzbomer
Map 05 Tech Temple Toranaga
Map 06 Infernal Deities Ismaele
Map 07 Arachnophobia Buzzbomber, Ismaele, Toranaga
Secret Level DooM MuseuM Toranaga
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