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  Enterprise NX-01

Enterprise is a new level for Zdoom with new textures, scripts, weapons, sprites and music. The level is set on the Enterprise NX-01 from the Star Trek: Enterprise telefilm. 

Download link HERE.

The story : The Enterprise NX-01 is investigating a space anomaly. Demons suddenly begin to teleport themselves on the starship and the MACOs start a cruel battle against the invaders while the crew is evacuated on a Vulcan starship. The demons gain the upper hand and assume the control of the main computer system, which is blocked by a Genetic Key. Dr Phlox creates a device to get this key from the demons DNA; all the instructions for the correct development of this key are stored in the Dr Phlox's blue PADD, unluckly the demons attack the Infermery and stole the PADD.
Your mission is clear: you must infiltrate the Enterprise, rescue the Blue PADD and get control over the starship.

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