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  Death Is Just The Beginning

Death Is Just The Beginning is a new episode for ULTIMATE DOOM.

In DJB you have to fight your way from Hell, kill tons of monsters in their Horrid Church and free the UAC bases from the invasion (as usual).

DJB should work under every port; it was tested with Doom Legacy, ZDoom, Skulltag, EDGE, PrBoom.

You can download the whole episode, just click here.

Here, here and here you can find various episode reviews.

If you like (or not) the episode, and you want to send me any suggestions, comments, mail me.

Level 1:
"Life is short"

Level 2:
"Sadic Hell"

Level 3:
"The Basilica"

Level 4:
"The Installation"

Level 5:
"The Depot"

Level 6:
"The Five Towers"

Level 7: "Cyberdemons Castle"

Level 8: 
"The Heretic Legacy"

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